David M Baird
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Life.  It's complicated.  It's difficult.  It's busy.  It's going by too fast.  There are no do-overs.  That's why I have this site, to think out loud about life.

God has blessed me with so much in this life.  I'm blessed with a great and Godly wife; with kids that are better than I deserve; and with opportunities to train & equip people for life. 

Sometimes, that training & equipping takes place in the classroom, other times it happens in the board room, and at all times it happens in life...we learn, we grow, we mature, we live, we lead,  we love, and we forgive. 

I love sharing what God has taught me so far in life.  That is the ministry of DIFJ, Inc. (Doing it for Jesus), TELL Ranch (Training, Equipping, Leaders for Life) and this site.  I'm glad you stopped by!

Doing it for Jesus, Inc. is a not-for-profit ministry training, equipping, loving, and leading people for the cause of Christ
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