"One" : Think about it!
David M Baird
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by David Baird on 11/05/13

The number 1 is everywhere...in song, in the movies, in companies.  We've been told that "One is the loneliest number."  For years, many watched the day time show, "One Life to Live."  Today, we see countless adds for Capital One, a credit card company wanting you to make debt purchases.   We have also played "one-on-one" games, seen a "one trick pony," or have witnessed the mistake of a "one night stand."  Yes, the number one is everywhere. 

The number one is a really cool number.  First, and foremost, one is considered in mathematics as the only "perfect number." In numerology, the number one is a symbol for everything (unity), the beginning, and God.  The number one is independent of all others & the source of all others.

Makes sense then, that in Ephesians 4:4-6, Paul wrote that there is "one body," "one spirit," "one Lord," "one Faith," "one Baptism," "one God," and we were all called to "one hope."  That's a lot of one! 

In Deut. 6:4 - we learn that the "Lord is One."  In Hebrew, it's written as "our One Elohim is Jehovah."  In Revelation, we learn that God, the great "I am" is "the Living One."  Jesus, of course, was the only perfect One.  The one sacrificial Lamb of God.  And Timothy wrote in 1 Tim 2:5, "For there is One God and One Mediator, between God & man, the man Christ Jesus."  That's a One we can put our hope in.

Finally, we see "one" as being "first."  In sports, we raise one finger denoting that we finished first in the race or we were the winner of the game.  Being first, in our culture, is very important. 

In Isaiah 48:12-13 God said, "I am he...I am the first."  In Revelation, God says he is "the Alpha & Omega...the First & the Last."  We are told to "seek first" the kingdom of God.  Thinking of "firsts" is an important Biblical concept too.

One thing is for sure, One is not the loneliest number because our One true God is with us always.  And, while we may have one life to live on this Earth, our One Hope is that we will live One eternal life with the Living One.  So, if you want to make One investment, don't make it in the Capital One debt company, put your life in the hands of the perfect One, Jesus!  That's One choice you will never regret!

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