"That" : Think about it!
David M Baird
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by David Baird on 09/16/13

I bet you have used the word "that."  Maybe, you've used it as a demonstrative pronoun, "That was hard."  Just maybe, you've used "that" as a demonstrative adjective, "That test was hard."  Or, just maybe, when using the word "that," you used it as an adverb, "The test wasn't that bad."

The use of "that" isn't a new trend but is as old as the Bible itself.  In fact, the Apostle Paul wrote in Phil 3:12-21, "...I press on to take hold of 'that'..."  The cool thing is what "that" was according to Paul in this text:

"That" - is why Jesus pursues us & takes hold of us;
"That" - is the goal;
"That" - is the prize for which God calls us heavenward;
"That" - is the thing that causes me to live in such a way as if I don't have it;
"That" - is the thing I should live worthy of having won as a prize;
"That" - is why Christ uses His power to transform me into His likeness; and
"That" - provides me with citizenship of heaven.

What is "That?"  "That," my friend, is the good news.  "That"...that goal, that prize worth living for is salvation by grace through faith giving each one of us eternal life with Jesus.  Image "that."  Forever in the presence of God and His glory.  I can get into "that!"

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